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Halloween Art: Halloween Scratch Art Project

Halloween Art: Halloween Scratch Art Project
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Ready for a super easy Halloween art project? Last year our crayon resist spider web art was popular in our home and around the web. Based on the same idea, we created another super easy Halloween art with spider web as a central theme.. Well sort of because kids — they have their own ideas when it comes to art activities and we LOVE them for that!

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Halloween Art : Halloween Scratch Art Project

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This art project cannot be more straight forward. We are using the super popular scratch art technique { our first experience with scratch art was with scratch and glitter eggs for Easter}

Materials {affiliate links to the products used are linked below for your reference}

First make your paint! Add a couple of squirts of dish soap ( or hand soap) with 4 tablespoons of black acrylic paint { washable kid-safe kind works} I have not used the real-deal, artist’s acrylics. I always purchase the washable acrylic that come in bottles. I found mine at Jo-Ann’s ( Walmart carries them as well) The soap added to the paint makes the paint stick to the pie pan.

Next paint a clean dry foil pie pan with the black paint covering the entire area. My foil pie pans were the disposable ones from the Dollar Store. Here I chose to paint with black but you can opt for any color – purple and orange may work as well. But black gives you the best effect when the silver color of the foil peeps through the black when scratched.

Let the pie pan dry. It shouldn’t take that long if you are using washable acrylics. Mine probably took about 15 minutes. If you have very eager kids it would be best to have a few pie pans painted black already for them to start scratching. Yes! this is a very fun art activity for kids.

Once the pie pan is dry, it is time to start scratching away. We used a bamboo skewer (goes without saying to please watch your child!) to etch a cool design on the pie pan. Once you start creating on the black pie pan the silver color that shows through is just gorgeous!

halloween art projects with pie pan

I intially had a nice Halloween art project in mind. Doesn’t this spider web etched on the pie plate looks cool? It would really make a great preschool Halloween art project.

halloween art projects with pie pan

But my 4 year old clearly had other plans! She was pretty sure about NOT drawing a spider web but a girl, a house, tree and other “stuff” ( her words)

art projects for kids scratch art

With some uninvited “help’ from her 6 year old sister ( that’s older siblings for you) they created a scratch art scene. It just looks like we created art with a silver pen. But this was all etched on a simple pie plate.

preschooler scratch art

I mean, we are all about simple art activities for kids. I think this one is right up therewith the crayon resist techniques. I’m officially in love with scratch art!

These will look beautiful hanging on your wall.

kids art projects

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Super easy spider web art using the scratch technique


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