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art activities with cars

Art activities: Large scale vehicles painting

Art activities : Paint with big vehicles It was a hot day and the kids were itching to get out. We couldn't really get out of the house and go somewhere.  Instead...
art activities with brush

Art Activities : Lazy Day Electronic Art

Art activities: motorized toothbrush art. If you try this art activity, you will witness some tricks an electronic toothbrush can do -  the way it can paint. Yes, toothbrush painting done by...

Fresh Flowers Play Dough Play

Playdough with rose petals For this week's quick play post we share this fun and fragrant play dough idea. There are so many  scents and textures you can add to to make the...
color mixing tictactoe game from blog me mom

Colored water tic tac toe

Color Mixing Game Today's easy play idea uses simply colored water. Kids activities using just a few simple materials usually seem to  provide the best kind of entertainment for the kids. This...
vegetarian kid friendly recipe

Vegetarian Recipe for kids : Cream of Wheat Stir Fry

Kid-friendly vegetarian recipes are hard to come by. To expand your horizons you might want to try other cuisines for vegetarian options. Today's post is a easy to make vegetarian recipe...

Valentine craft – Paper creatures

All kids love animals right? How about creating some critters and figures using paper hearts as a Valentine craft. We love to create images using shapes and have done a few...