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What do you do with all the balloons left over after a party?  The kids bounce them around for a couple of days and then they are forgotten and hidden under the bed or in a corner shrinking away. But here’s what we did…

Big S had her big birthday party and we blew up a lot of balloons. As much as Lil’ S loves to bounce them, I thought she’s going to freak out when she hears them pop! But it really didn’t bother her much. Anyways, after the party I had a few left and the girls were having balloon fight.

Big S had managed to tie 2 balloons (go fine motor skills!) and holding one in the hand she was using it as a whip stick for her horse – played by lil’ S

Me: What are you girls doing?

Lil’ S: Da- da- da- ba !

Of course she has something to say too.

Big S : (My translator) Mmooom … shes saying she wants to play more. She doesn’t like it when you disturb us mom ( all the while, she’s hiding the balloons behind her, and it was hilarious to see these huge balloons sprouting out from her back and she’s trying hard to hide them from me ) ROFL moment !

Me : ( Controlling my laughter ) Well, Were you girls playing rough?

Lil’S (busy blowing raspberries at me) She loves to do that.

Big S : No mommy. Hands are not for hitting .. remember? I only hit her with the balloons. It didn’t hurt her. I was doing it very gently.

She was so convincing that I had my “lost for words” moment.

Me: Okay what do you girls want to do?

Big S took the balloons and put it on the floor and sat between the two balloons and she had an instant ‘ant-mobile’.

Big S : mmooom look this looks like an ANT !

I was astonished and it really did. We drew some eyes and a smile and we had our own puppet .

Endless hours of ‘Ant mobile’ drives and fun! Would you be surprised if I told you that those balloons did not break after taking all that abuse from a 4 yr old and a 9 month old !!!?!? The balloons stayed healthy for a good 4 days before starting to shrivel up.

We have since made them into butterflies, spiders and bumble bees. Let your imagination take you places. Big S has her own set of ideas, we are going to make them into aliens, monsters and porcupine ! Will update the page with the pictures when we get to them .


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