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Being hands on kind of mom, I try to foster as much creativity as possible through play. To encourage such, just like many of you, I set up the play scene with invitations/play prompts whatever you want to call it. While the kids lead the play after wards, I still feel that I played a big part. Having said that, I still am going to continue setting up play prompts because there is so much learning and fun involved in such activities ( if such invitations are taking up that day)

But there are many days when the kids completely stump us with their own thought out “project” I mean end-to-end. Right?

Today’s post is one such.

Introducing Mardi Gras Maze

There are tons of homemade mazes with legos,blocks etc out there. But this one came all from Big S, so it is special to me.

Our new favorite – favorites change often in our house – is mazes. ‘S’ can’t get enough of them. She loves it and it is our favorite on-the-go game. It keeps her busy in the car and I don’t have to hear a whole lot of “ Mom my belt is too tight” or the infamous“ Are we there yet?” or “ Mom Lil S is spitting on me “  ( Smallie she loves to blow raspberries and since she is rear-facing – her aim is pretty good ! )

It was one of those good mornings, the girls were playing in the living room and the air was filled with laughter and giggles (ah the serenity when one of those hard- to-come- by- mornings happen) There was this other sound too, it was our very own zhu-zhu pet. His name is Mr. Mouse.

Big S was cheering : “Go on Mr. Mouse. You can do it. Find your way, this way, no,no no.. This way… oh no… Mr. Mouse” Laughter and Giggles and Squeals.

I peeked in to see what all this fun was about. I was elated with what I saw. Big S had created a maze and had Mr. Mouse in it and the poor fella had to find his way home. And what better way to lure him to his home – she had a cookie waiting for him.

Stuff she used :

Mardi Gras Beads from her bins

Zhu-Zhu pet

The Model Magic Cookie she made

home made maze


The maze entertained her for hours while she tried many combinations of mazes. She soon grew tired of Mr Mouse because he could never find his way home. Last resort- ” Now its your turn Lil S, get into the maze. ”

Alrite, time to step in –”  Who wants Popsicles ???!!!

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    • Found an another way to use those beads other than dress up. I guess we can make patterns and letters too. Thank you. You have an amazing website.


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