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Have you made window clings with glue? This was our first time and the process was great and fun for the kids. I’d say my 4 year old was extremely pleased with the process and requested for more glue. This time we created some spring themed window clings.

[ Please read the note at the end f this post before attempting this kids activity]

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • White Glue
  • Dish Soap
  • Food Color
  • Ziploc
  • Themed printable (optional)

I made colored glue (glue+food color) in different cups with 2-3 drops of dish soap added in each cup. I also printed out spring themed creatures and slipped into Ziplocs. This part is optional if working with an older child. Initially I thought both my 2 year old would be participating and printed out the images with her in mind.

glue paint for wndow clings

We applied a thick coat of colored glue on the ziplocs. Make sure the child applies a really thick coat of glue for easy removal of the window cling. We had a few of them rip because the glue was not thick enough.

[ Turning kids activities and kids art projects into window décor or a piece of permanent display is wonderful for their self-confidence. My daughter feels very happy and excited and loves to show her creations to people who visit us.]

painting with glue

While painting, it is better to stick to a single color on one image since the glue seems to be flow and the colors tend to run into each other. However my 4 year did use multiple colors, I thought those looked beautiful as well.

After glue painting on the Ziploc, we just set them out to dry on a flat surface in order to prevent the glue from flowing all around< we did have a few of those and my 4 year old had a cool idea to use them> It took a whole day for the window clings to dry completely.

spring crafts homemade window clings

Removing the clings from the Ziploc is just as fun as painting.

homemade glue window cling

Then I left it to my kid to decorate the windows.

gluing on window clings homemade

 She even added details and facial features to her creations using a marker. That was her own idea and I love kids activities like these which give the child an opportunity to show their twist [However a washable marker is advisable]

decorating spring window cling bee

Remember those window clings that ripped? Some very abstract ones ( where the glue had flowed all over) were broken into pieces by my child. Before I had chance to ask her why she was tearing her stuff, she squealed “ look what I’m making with these bits?”

Yeah she created a whole new image with those bits of glue clings.  Again, open ended kids activities are the best kind which makes the child think for her own and take the activity in any direction they choose.

kids with abstract window clings

Our spring themed home glue clings window décor.

diy window clings with glue

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If your cling-ons are not thick enough removing them from the window will be hard. They will come out but not in one piece. They don’t leave any marks or smudges. If you are trying to save your child’s creations I’d recommend 2 things

1. Apply a thick coat of glue

2. Try to remove the window clings from the window within 3 days. The longer they stay the harder it is to remove them in 1 piece.

However, if you are not keen on saving those window clings then these does not matter. They come out fairly easy with a small amount of scrubbing. No marks, no stains whatsoever.

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