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Paper Roll Craft : Castle

Paper Roll Craft : Castle
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My 4 year old loves building, crafting and playing pretend with princesses. This activity combines all of the three.  We love building with Legos and slottos and blocks and are always looking for new ways to play.  Whats better than our all time favorite and Oh! so useful,paper rolls.. Paper roll crafts are an all time favorite. See our recent paper roll craft post where we made airplanes. Have I already mentioned how versatile these guys are. I’m telling you – Endless possibilities !

 A super easy paper roll craft project that teaches sizes, proportions, symmetry, construction, planning and layout and provides wholesome entertainment.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  •  TP rolls
  • Kitchen rolls
  • An empty Lysol container
  • Construction paper
  • A big cardboard tray/ lid for base
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Cello tape


Can you believe that list? You got it all, don’t you?

First things first – Color the rolls and plan a layout. You might have to cut a few rolls to create symmetry and structure. Use the cardboard as your base to hold the structure. Did you notice my Lysol can?

tp roll castle

Create the tops for each of the pillars. Trace out a circle, it has to be atleast 2 times the TP roll’s diameter. Cut into the circle at its radius to create the castle tops. Secure with a tape.

materials needed

Glue the tops to the pillars and let dry. Put the pillars together and build your castle.

building a TP roll castle

Add doors, windows and a few trees and bushes to create a scenery.

build a castle

Easy or what?

DIY castle with TP and Kitchen rolls

Add a few princesses and create your play scene.

pretend play princess


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  1. I started reading and my mind went to a farm with a silo- a space shuttle… I love the castle and everything it brought out in my brain- Kids crafts are the best- they get to add their touches and make them great!

  2. Making this right now with my daughter, just waiting for the tubes to dry so we can finish it. Thanks for the lovely idea!


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