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Sweet Potato Bird

Sweet Potato Bird
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I always feel sorry for the potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions in my kitchen. They almost always get left out, forgotten because they are tucked away in a dark cabinet under the stove. There is always one unlucky vegetable (may be lucky?) who rolls away from the rest of his family and hides at the very end of the cabinet. One day big A found one such guy. A shriveled up sweet potato lying around untouched.

She immediately exclaimed. “Mom. this one looks like a bird., or a seal may be” Can I keep it?

Daddy B interjects : Please do so, before she cooks that one for lunch! (I’m very notorious for not wasting food)

Big A:  It does look like a bird

Dashes off and comes back with a marker. Starts drawing eyes and wings on the bird.


It truly was so creative that we ended up elaborating it a little bit further.

 Here is what we did.

After Big A had a ball drawing wings and eyes on the sweet potato, I set out some glue, feather and googly to finish up what she started


I didn’t have to explain anything to her. She squealed “ Cool! We can stick feathers and googly eyes”

And that’s all we did.

Sticks feathers on the body and attached eyes.




Have you made crafts with fruits or veggies? I would love some feedback.

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  1. Tada, indeed! ;0

    Yes, we belong to a CSA so we hate to let anything go to waste. On the occasion that we can’t consume it or gift it, we do try to stamp with it, that sort of thing. And to think, I used to just toss them in the trash!? Gasp!


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