Home Science Science experiments for kids : Red Cabbage Experiment and scientist dramatic play

Science experiments for kids : Red Cabbage Experiment and scientist dramatic play

Science experiments for kids : Red Cabbage Experiment and scientist dramatic play
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This post is sponsored by Sprout Online and the Chica Show

Science experiments with dramatic play props.

Dramatic play ideas are such a great way to introduce newer concepts, review concepts, get over fears and much more. We have shared 40+ dramatic play ideas in the past. Be sure to check them out.

Kids love to pretend don’t they? Mine are no exception. They love to get in and get out of costumes and create a dramatic scene where they are tigers, pandas, princesses, bees or hula girls. Another things most kids love is a good exciting science experiment. How fun will it be to combine both- science experiments and dramatic play props! When the opportunity to dress up and play presented itself via SproutOnline we were more than happy to participate. Sprout sent us an easy to put together costume set and we chose to feature one item from there. The costume was easy enough for me – a person who doesn’t know the first thing about sewing.

Play Scientist!

While it is just as fun to play scientist by simply wearing regular clothes, don’t you think the costume gets the kids in to their element and encourages them to play their part happily while playing/concocting in this case?

Here is our costume kit from Sproutonline.

scientist costume

Making the scientist costume couldn’t get easier.  I laid out the adult sized white T-Shirt on a flat surface and  hot glued 2 empty CD case covers to the T-shirt to serve as pockets. Make sure you glue the see through side facing back so that you can have both the pocket flaps facing out. We did not do that..!

scientist costume

I handed over my 4 year old her glasses and we went ahead to play with our latest science experiment.

Red Cabbage Science Experiment

Ooh this one was so much fun

I chopped up a head of red cabbage and boiled them on the stove top for about 15 minutes. Then I drained the cabbage over a colander and drained the resulting purplish liquid again to get it free of all the floating cabbage. I got a cool looking purplish liquid- “magic potion” for younger ones and  pH indicator for the older kids.

red cabbage experiment

I set out the following in cups. We are typically choosing acids and alkalis. Vinegar, lemon juice, soda, Alka- Seltzer tablet, baking soda, washing detergent, cream of tartar and milk.


  Here is my little scientist in her costume mixing and predicting the colors. The pH indicator ( red cabbage water) changes to shades of pink when mixed with vinegar, lemon juice or anything with acidic properties. The same red cabbage water changes to shades of bluish- greens when mixed with alkalis like washing detergent, baking soda..It really was like MAGIC to her.

science for kids

I love this shot of my little scientist very engrossed at play! The glasses were a fantastic touch and really pulled the costume together. We are really considering going as a scientist this Halloween. Something to remember when October rolls around.

science for kids

My pre schooler was in awe seeing the same cabbage water change color when different substances were introduced. We did the entire science experiment 3 times. Really! Kids naturally tend to love dramatic play, when you simply add the related costumes, the excitement just goes up several notches. What better way to introduce simple science than a hands on science experiment with household objects and a cool DIY costume?

kid hands on science

Our results from the red cabbage experiment.


after the fun experiment

Now wasn’t that an exciting experiment?

Thanks to Sprout Online and the Chica Show to make this scientist play time possible. Now go watch the fun show which starts today.

It’s time for YOU to get up and play, mom!

chicka show

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