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Sensory Activities for Kids: Scented Sensory Bin

Sensory Activities for Kids: Scented Sensory Bin
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Sensory activities for kids

: Simple scented sensory bin for toddlers and up

Fall has officially begun! It has been a while since we had fun with sensory bins made specifically made for my now 3 year old. Combine the two and we found ourselves putting together this super simple fall themed sensory bin.

I used a wooden crate to fill it up with fun natural and artificial fall goodies. If you are lucky you could do this with only natural items – I couldn’t so we went with a few store bought items.

  • Base – Cinnamon and rose potpourri ( you could stick to fall scents)
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Artifical pumpkins, gourds and acorns
  • Silk fall leaves

colorful scented sensory bin

My 3 year has always enjoyed any kind ofsensory activities, especially colorful sensory bins. [Last year we made  fall sensory bin with bird seeds]. As always she started off exploring and touching the large items present in the bin. I had a few artificial pumpkins and gourds we had bought for all the fall activities and crafts. The kid went straight for the pumpkin touching and describing the texture while commenting on the sparkly nature of the pumpkin. We labelled the acorns ( much needed trip to Oak Glen!)

 toddler smellng the bin

She smelled the cinnamon sticks because she knows they actually smell good. However she was pleasantly surprised when she smelled the potpourri. SHE LOVED IT! The sensorial experience was amazing. The more I do sensory activities with the kids the more I see and believe in learning through sensory exploration.

exploring the sensory bin

Once all the oohs and aahs died down ( oh she adored the potpourri scents) she started her favorite activity in a sensory bin – scooping and pouring. [ hand-eye coordination and great opportunity to enhance those fine motor skills]

improving hand and eye cordination

Once she started showing interest in the individual items in the sensory bin, we decided to set them out for further investigation.

nature block sensory items

With a magnifying glass in hand, she picked out the items from the sensory bin and we placed them on a wooden block. We later used to the glass for a fun look-through while labeling the items and further touching, feeling, smelling and talking about them.

fall sensory bin with nature block

Sensory activities turned in to a great scientific investigation activity. This one is a good example of child-led activity. Tomorrow’s post will further prove the power of child-led play. I simply set out the same invitation and my 5 year old did a completely different activity all on her own. Check back soon!

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