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Quick Play Idea with Rainbow Rice

Quick Play Idea with Rainbow Rice
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Sensory Activities using a quick rainbow rice recipe.

Did you know that we have a quick play ideas category here on the blog? Yeah, we have one and I have been ignoring it since we created it in the hopes of accumulating simple play ideas. I love having a stash of easy play ideas for those days when all things fail on the kids and parenting front. With that in mind, I have decided to share a basic kids activity idea every Friday with you all.

Today’s post is about using a sensory base and small toys.When I need to calm down the kids, I divert them to a kids activity that needs a good amount of  thinking, imagination or concentration. It works because they are intently focusing on the present..Recently I used rainbow rice, cookie sheet ( bigger tub recommended) and small toys to avoid a major melt down. Something about rice or any sensory play is very calming.

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Small World Play using Rainbow Rice. 

You don’t have to use colored rice, any dry sensory base works. I had colored rice on hand and used it.

There are plenty of recipes for making colored rice and they are all great. However I used this very simple recipe earlier that week and made small amounts of colored rice.

rainbow rice recipe

My  rainbow rice “recipe”[quote style=”1”]

Find a small container with lid

Fill it with small amount of rice

Add a tiny drop of food color and


Once you get a uniform color pop the rice in the microwave for 5 seconds and you are done.

Fill up a shallow tub with the multi colored rice and add any favorite toys.


I used Ameri Gel Food color and love it. They always seem to give a vibrant hue.

Here is our invitation to play

small world play with rice

My 4 year old immediately set out to create a small world with story lines. It was wonderful to watch solve problems she had with her world.

” Oh mom, this Lala Loopsy toy is not standing”..(Insert whine).

Mom gently suggests” How can you make her stand? ..

More whining-  “Mooom she keeps falling down”

2 minutes later, “I know may be I’ll use play dough.”


kids activities with rice

So many pet shop toys need a home.

small world play

If you think about it, there is nothing new here. My kids have been playing with these toys for ever . Simply by adding a new sensory element we have given new life to the toys. That alone inspired so much imaginative play.

rainbow rice play idea

A few of our favorite products

Thanks for reading

See you next Friday for another quick play idea.

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  1. We just did our first play with rainbow rice yesterday — such a hit!
    You are right, just adding something different keeps them interested for a long time, and helps calm them down.

    • You bet! I have seen so many easy recipes. But it still had to get easier to attempt a batch. Hope you have fun with the colored rice.


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