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Play Dough Recipe: Paper Play Dough

Play Dough Recipe: Paper Play Dough
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An easy play dough recipe using crepe paper

Recently we shared an easy crepe paper sensory painting activity. On that day we extending the activity by creating something else with the mashed crepe paper.

You can use any of your favorite homemade play dough recipe. I used the same ratio  I used in our  fresh flowers play dough. But remember one small thing.. For about 1 cup of crepe paper I took half the amount of flour and made the play dough. Once I had  all my dry ingredients together I even added a tsp of corn syrup ( for half a cup of flour) It made the play dough smoother and don’t worry it did not make the play dough sticky at all.

crepe paper soaked in water

Once the art activity was over, I crunched up the colored paper and set out the ingredients needed for making homemade play dough.

materials for paper dough

I added the dry ingredients and mixed them well with a bit of food color. Just before it started becoming a ball I added the mashed up crepe paper and kept folding the mixture until it turned uniform and smooth. With a tsp of corn syrup I started kneading the mixture and we got these beautiful looking play dough.

rolled dough

Once you start cutting or opening the play dough you really see and feel a VERY different texture inside. The colored crepe paper inside creates a spongy look.

paper dough

Those smooth and shiny play dough with a really funky and unique texture inside looked so wonderfully inviting. Those tiny paper specks add character don’t you think?

play dough with paper

Now with this new paper play dough it is time to play and play some more. For ideas to play you can check out our play dough category page or our play dough pinterest board.

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blogmemom play dough

If you are a play dough lover like us, then this book is great for you.

The book filled with simple, easy, homemade play dough recipes with a variety ranging from cooked version, no- cook version and bunch of simple doughs you can make right at home. Think about all those finger muscles getting a great workout while squishing, pinching and cutting play dough. Play dough can more that strengthening finger muscles! Talk about encouraging creativity and independent thinking!

This book with its wide variety of homemade play dough recipes and other great ideas for loose parts play will come in handy.



  1. I dont see the boiling water from your playdough recipe added anywhere? Do you still add it? Thanks! Looking forward to doing this at the preschool i teach at.

  2. What a great idea! I love all the different variations of play dough but this is particularly creative! It looks great, and I bet the texture is awesome.


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