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No Frills Easy Birdhouse

No Frills Easy Birdhouse
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Here I show how to build a no frills easy birdhouse to home.Thanks to the storm that rolled through our area, “Fixing the damage” is now a big priority and talk in every house. While the adults talk about renovations and rebuilding, my little girl sprung a question.

Big S: Where do the birds go mom? Don’t they need to fix their homes too?

That was it, birdhouse it is! We decided to build a few “bird homes” and help the birds with their relocation. Instead of buying birdhouses and spending $30-$50 we decided to re-use/re- purpose home goods to make a one of a kind home.

[box title=”Stuff” color=”#b11616″]

  1. A milk carton
  2. Empty bath-tissue roll
  3. Aluminium foil
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil
  6. Thread


Ask your little helper to make 2 circles , one below the other, on the carton.

The first circle will be the bird house entrance and the second circle ( help her to trace on the outside of the tissue roll) will be for the bench.

Punch out the circles.

Wrap the roll in the foil and insert it to the second hole . It will be the bench for them to sing on !

Cover the rest of the carton with the foil. Remember to punch out the foil to make the entrance .

I used foil , but you can use any material color-wrappers or color the entire carton or decorate with stickers. Let her imagination roll ! Thread a line through the carton and you are all set.

My girl had fun filling it up with dried leaves and some stones and make a soft bed for her little birdie to sleep!  The stones also weigh them down so they don’t fly around in the breeze.

She is excited to see who will enjoy the new home she built… will it be the Cardinals, Robins, Chickadee, BlueJay or the little sparrows????
Well… she now knows many different species and loves bird watching !
A little imagination and creativity makes them want to explore an endless world of knowledge !



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