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Math and Science Activity

Math and Science Activity
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We are officially ready for Christmas. The tree is up, decorations are done, gifts are wrapped and we are all set. We have hence decided to take a break from crafting and have some serious fun with winter itself . This Math and Science activity is a sure hit with your little ones. You can easily turn it into a Math and Science family game night on a cold, dry winter day  :-).

The one thing that winter brings with it is a lot of dryness and that delivers some serious Science fun. When you walk on a rug and reach for the door knob, remove your hat or my kids fav is to rub their hair on the couch – ZAP !

Yup, I’m talking about STATIC SHOCK ! It’s the one thing I hate (personally) getting zapped around the house but them, it’s a totally different story. My 4 yr old has an uncontrollable laugh every time we get zapped and she thinks its the funniest thing ! Yea … go figure.

Big S and lil’s were having so much fun from all the static electricity in the house. They were giving each other some ‘hair raising’ fun by rubbing their heads against the couch. haha ! As we know too much fun brings in too much mayhem, so to calm things a bit I brought in a Math and Science activity with Static Electricity.

It was a perfect activity to settle them both down and still keep their spirits up.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Balloons
  • A pair of Dice
  • A cold winter day


experiments for preschoolers

How to play:

Roll the dice and get your tot to count and add the numbers.

math activity for kids- blogmemom

Now the fun starts, challenge them to hold that many balloons on their head.

static play


Rubbing the balloons on the hair makes the balloons charged and it sticks to your hair.

Now practice your numbers and counting and have tones of fun in doing it !

math and science activity - blogmemom


Now isn’t that fun?

[box title=”Learning de jour” color=”#333333″]

  • Different fields of Study – Math and Science
  • Addition
  • Counting
  • Science facts – Static shock



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We are also excited about the upcoming ABC’s of  math activities for kids series, part of the ABC’s of … series by 60+ of your favourite KBN bloggers starting Jan 7 -11 ! Lots of exciting topics coming soon. Stay tuned !

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