Home Critical Thinking How can a whale get into a fish tank?

How can a whale get into a fish tank?

How can a whale get into a fish tank?
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Dad’s silly games make the babes think.

Daddy B is really not a structured father. He is a big ball of fun who makes up goofy and silly games, songs, questions on the go. One of Big A’ s favorite games when he makes up these ridiculous, unrealistic questions which start with “How can a”

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]Daddy B : How can a dog have whiskers?[/highlight]

Big A (squeal) after a hearty laugh: The dog went next to a cat and pulled the whiskers from him and tied it to himself.

What I think really happens.

First the kid has to realize that dog does not have whiskers

Next find out which animal has whiskers

Then use their imagination to come up with a situation that might make the silly statement true.

[box title=”Sample Questions” color=”#b11616″]

  1. How can a whale get into a fish tank?
  2. How can a carrot be purple/black?
  3.  How can a fox be blue?
  4. How can a tortoise run really fast?
  5. How can a penguin fly?


Big A : Because he fell into a tub of blue paint (from the story I guess)

These kind of questions really gets her imagination going while sharpening her critical thinking skills.

When Daddy B started playing these games few months ago, Big A just came back with a equally silly question instead of trying to answer the questions posed at her. At times she laughs it off and understands it is goofy and wrong. Right now, the fact that she is able to answer with a scenario shows me that she is really learning the process. The point is, it lets us the parents know if the child knows a particular concept or not without actually testing her.. It is surprising that a very casual game daddy B started has turned into one of her favorite activities with dad.

The games really come in handy during long car rides when the kids are bored with the toys and start tantruming in the back seat. Of course baby A doesn’t have a clue. Taming at least one is lot better than enduring two.

What kind of silly games do you play?



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