Home Christmas Christmas Crafts for kids : Homemade Christmas cards with glitter salt

Christmas Crafts for kids : Homemade Christmas cards with glitter salt

Christmas Crafts for kids : Homemade Christmas cards with glitter salt
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Make a simple glitter salt sequins tray by adding salt and lots of glitter and sequins. Make sure you get the proportions right because you don’t want the cards to be too “salty”, I mean too white. The image should give you a fair idea of the proportions.

 salt tray

We started off with adding 3-4 dollops of kids washable paint on a paper plate in a triangular fashion. Try to have primary colors for added color mixing lessons. In our case, Big A chose the colors and had fun with the selection process.

Have the kid press firmly on the paint making sure she/he gets paint all over the palm.

rainbow hand print for homemade christmas cards

Make rainbow hand prints on a card stock paper folded in half in order to make a card. Note: I couldn’t  get a good picture of the hand print using the above paint colors.

rainbow hand prints as cards

Immediately flip the card stock paper over and place it in the glitter salt tray and press gently. Make sure you do this when the paint is still wet in order for the glitter and salt to get stuck to the paint.

rainbow hand prints with salt glitter as christmas cards

Flip it back and brush off the excess salt.

There you have it, your own beautiful rainbow glitter homemade Christmas card. I have seen that homemade cards always make good writing prompts.

rainbow hand prints with salt glitter as christmas cards

I stuck a piece of clear contact paper cut out to shape to keep the salt and glitter contained. If you are keen on not losing the shine, there are many glitter sealants in the market you could use to protect the spill over. {Edit: A coat of Mod Podge over the handprint is all it took to keep the salt and glitter intact. I did not know something magical called Mod Podge existed 5 years ago}

Homemade Christmas cards are so simple to make with kids and make  one of the best Christmas gifts. We made quite a few Christmas cards with just a few supplies.

As you can see the older the child, the clearer the prints are.Big A was thoroughly psyched by this activity that she independently did all the 4 simple steps. The incentive: she got to mix and match her own color combinations. That kind of freedom  got her really into the activity.Baby A, by law has to love the same things her sister does.  For a 2 year old, an activity with 4 steps that has to go in a particular order is a good exercise, an exercise she was thrilled to complete on her own. Here are some of her adorable independent art work.

Done again in 2018 

salt glitter christmas card

home made christmas cards

Here are the little ones making numerous glittering hand prints Christmas cards for the entire neighborhood !

kids painting making christmas cards

 We saw this activity at an art studio and the girls loved it.  We came home and turned them into cards.

Edit: Done again in 2018

hand print christmas cards kids can make

Glad to see the their baby hands still. One of the perks of having petite children.

Cotton candy colors make the homemade card so pleasing to the eye { think cards for baby showers, new baby etc}

Now the kids came up with the idea of using their favorite craft supply { washi tape} to embellish the card.

Quick Tip:

The glitter-sequin-salt tray makes an amazing writing medium. With a paint brush , kids can develop their writing skills right there. Baby A learned to draw a circle in our very own shiny salt tray.

Try our airbrushed homemeade Christmas cards too.

Looking for more simple Christmas crafts for kids? Here are a few.

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