Home Crafts Pumpkin Activities for kids: Halloween Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Activities for kids: Halloween Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Activities for kids: Halloween Pumpkin Craft
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Pumpkin Activities for Kids : Decorating Pumpkins with nature bits

We have been having fun thinking up with Halloween crafts for kids and pumpkin activities for kids.  Today’s pumpkin activity for kids ais a fun, frugal and  is easy to set up. A we say, we loved themed, seasonal crafts and activities – they are a great way to engage the kids, introduce new concepts and keep them happy and playing. This pumpkin activity could possibly work as an activity for toddlers and preschoolers at your next Halloween party. At our household we spent an afternoon at a nearby pumpkin patch and the kids picked out mini pumpkins and gourds for our home. They spent the whole afternoon playing and running through the maze and doing hay rides and hauling this mini wagon full of pumpkins. Big S couldn’t wait to get back home so she could start her pumpkin decoration. It was too late in the evening and we waited for the next morning to get crafty. Needless to say what a night that was – Mommy when is going to be morning? Can we do some now? Why can’t we do it at night? Is it morning now? The morning after we got crafty.

Pumpkin Activities for kids : Painting the pumpkins

[box title=”What we used” color=”#b33838″]

  • Finger paint
  • Melissa and Doug brushes

[/box] Note : The Jumbo Brushes from Melissa and Doug were perfect for the baby’s grasp . My 4 year old used them so she could lift off more paint with them than the smaller brushes. Ha, she knows the shortcuts !

Once they finished painting the pumpkins, Big S did all of them, the little one was too busy getting messy. She had realized she herself was the canvas. It was officially time for some MESSY PLAY.

We let them dry through the evening and started our decorations soon after. Big S has her box with all her crafting materials and here’s what we found. This is what had in our craft box. You could easily switch the materials with whatever you have on hand. [box title=”What we used” color=”#b33838″]

  • Leaves
  • Hay
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Cheerios
  • Pistachios Shells
  • Tiny pom poms
  • Foam stickers
  • Rubber band

[/box] The leaves and hay made the hair for a few fellas. The rubber band helps hold some leaves onto the stalk.

Googly eyes, pistachios shells and pom-poms for the eyes.

Cheerios and foam stickers made the mouth. Drumroll…. Tada!

  It was so much fun to turn these mini pumpkins into silly pumpkins. Hope these inspire you and you all have as much fun as we did with decorating pumpkins. Happy Halloween y’all.

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