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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids : Elf Craft

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids : Elf Craft
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After printing out the template on green cardstock or construction paper, cut out the feet/boots. It is a good practice for an  older child to practice cutting along steep curves and other details.

materials for elf boots

We usually have a lot of collage supplies { since we pretty much throw away anything. That means we have a big collection of old wrapping paper, tissue papers. Aside those, we love the foil gold stars, buttons, foam stickers and of course sequins. I stock up on these basic craft supplies either from the local craft store or the dollar store. Sometimes when I need add-on items on Amazon, I almost always add craft supplies since I know we will be using them up.

creating elf boots crafts for kids

For this elf craft, I feel the foil wrapping paper worked really well as a collage material. Christmas crafts or any collage the kids make at home has got to have some shimmer and shine. I’m reminded of a sparkly hearts foil collage they did many moons ago as a Valentine’s day craft.  Anyway, the reverse side of foil wrapping paper we had came in handy for this elf craft.

The kids also  used the color dots, foil stars, sequins and buttons to decorate the elf boots or feet. They also cut out a red trim for the elf boots and finished off with a cute little red pom pom. Plenty of cutting and fine motor skills practice here.

elf boots christmas craft

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  1. These things help children to open mind to do creative things. If children can think creative they can easily find ways when they are in trouble or they are able to take their decisions own.


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