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Cookie Creations
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Beep… beep beeeep… that’s my alarm ! Its 6:30 am on a Saturday !

Daddy and kids are still asleep ! It is a cold and cozy morning. my legs feel so heavy and I feel sloppy and I just want to crawl back in bed ! Its raining and pouring and I don’t want to do anything. Just get back to my Zzzzzz’s !

Yet, I get out of bed, as quiet as I can be… tip – toe … When…

Big S : Mommy can we make some cookies today ?

Did I hear that right? Is that the first thing my kid asked for?

And that’s when it all started.

First thing first. Put my Mr.Coffee to work and get my girl her cup of milk and we got busy making cookies. I must be crazy to make cookies at 7.00 in the morning but it was just one of those days. A very rainy day – what’s better than getting your whole house smelling like cookies ?

The easiest , mess free cookies are the ones that we can make from a cake mix. I love it when baking does not have to involve intricate measurements and take up a whole kitchen counter. These cookies are the yummiest. They taste very much like sugar cookies, which is our home favorite , just with the volume turned up ! These are a bit more softer and puffier and a little cakey ! ( if I may coin the term ! )

[box title=”What you need” color=”#911818″]

  • Kids – Your kitchen helper or as Big S calls herself the “Mixer” !!!
  • 1 egg
  • 1 packet cake mix ( I prefer white cake mix cos they take colors much better )
  • 1 stick butter ( ½ cup)
  • Food color (optional)


Mix them all up and take about a teaspoon full into balls and bake for 8 – 10 minutes in a 350°F oven !

That’s it ! How easy is that ???

Here’s what we did – Anytime we are baking cookies or cakes, there is going to be colors involved, you are welcome to omit it if you dont like it.  Since Big S loves adding colors to make everything ‘pinky and purply’ ,  I split the dough into four and she mixed colors to make her color cookies.






Are you ready for the big Reveal ???




[box title=”Learning de jour” color=”#911818″]

  • How many cookies can fit in a tray ?
  • Patterns – Anytime you are working with colors is best to talk about patterns.
  • Fine and gross motor skills – Mixing, pinching the dough and making them into balls.
  • Mixing colors to make new colors.
  • Sizes  –  can we make sure that all the dough balls are the same size???
  • Measurement – make sure that the spacing between the cookies is the same.


I love to cook with my little girl in the kitchen and she loves it too. Seeing her creations come to life is her utmost joy !

This kinda reminds me of my days of cooking with my mother. She taught me everything i know and still does. Her influence has made me who i am , and i hope to pass on to my children one of the simplest joys of cooking with kids in the kitchen !

As for me, to start the day with cookies and coffee, I have the sugar I needed to kick start my day with my two beautiful kids and a lovely husband. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning !

I’d love to hear from you . What do you cook with your kids? Do you have some kind of weekend  tradition ?

Thank you for reading !




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