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Columbus Day Craft

Columbus Day Craft
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How early is too early to teach kids about holidays and their importance?

All that my kid has been hearing the whole of last week is about “Columbus Day Savings” and “Mommy needs to go shopping”

I wanted to use this opportunity to teach her about occasions and celebrations and so I geared up myself with some simple facts to talk to Big S about Columbus Day and its importance.

 For the inquisitive mind

  • Where do you live?
  • Which country do you live?
  • Do you want to who discovered this place?
  • Is there something special about this day?

“World” in the eyes of a 4 yr old is very tiny. Talking to her made me realize that world to her is home, school, neighbors, friends , stores and grandmas’ house, which in our case is truly half-the-world away.

To keep things interesting we decided to make some crafts that signify the day. What can I make that I can use to talk about Columbus day?

You guessed it – sailboats.

So I started the conversation with

Hey , have you heard of Christopher Columbus?

Big S (immediate response) – Mom it’s Christopher Robin !

Me: Who?

Big S: Christopher Robin , he lives on Hundred Acre Woods with Pooh Bear and his friends.

For a second, I was dumb struck and then had the biggest and heartiest laughter. Literally!

After a good stomach hurting laugh, I gathered myself again to continue with my chat. Christopher Columbus is the person who discovered America. Columbus day is a celebration of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World. He sailed on a ship, all across the oceans and came upon this land. We spoke about why he choose to sail and not fly as there were no airplanes back then.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#b01212″]

  • Egg cartons(polystyrene)
  • Craft sticks
  • Scissors
  • Foam sheets
  • Stickers & Markers for decoration
  • Cello tape


Step 1

Cut the egg carton into thirds.

Step 2

Cut the foam sheets to make the sails. Big S wanted her sails to be her favorite shapes. Nothing wrong with your tot wanting a heart-shaped sail.

Make 2 incisions on the sail and insert the craft stick through it to hold the sail up. We attached a tape at the incisions to make sure the sail did not drop down. You can choose to just stick a craft stick at the back of the sail to hold it up.

Step 3

Once the sails are built, it’s time for all the decorating.

Step 4

Insert the sails into the egg carton boats.

Time to find a “first mate” and ready to set sail.


[box title=”Learning de jour” color=”#b01212″]

  • Words: History, Years, Transport, occasions & Celebrations
  • What is Columbus Day?
  • What are we celebrating on this day?



Is anybody going shopping to avail the Columbus Day discounts?

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