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Art projects for Kids :Sponge Fingers

Art projects for Kids :Sponge Fingers
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We have been having fun with many art projects suited for toddler age to preschool in the past. You can take a look at our cotton round art or our wet tissue art. This sponge art project is best suited for kids 2-5.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Cut up kitchen sponges
  • Thread or any fastener
  • Paint


To start off I just wet cut up kitchen sponges little bit to remove the stiffness. I later fastened them on to my preschooler’s fingers with a small rubber band.

cutup kitchen spongesIf you’d rather not use rubber band pick a fastener of your choice. But both my kids did not complain and we used a small size rubber band. While cutting up the sponges take care to cut squares since you want the entire finger to be covered. I had some rectangular ones and they got a bit tricky to keep them on.

sponges on fingers

With sponge fingers it was all about exploring

dipping sponge fingers in paint art projects

I realized while watching the kids paint that trying to get the paint color you want on a particular finger is a good challenge for kids, especially for preschoolers. At the first shot, my older one just picked the colors which were in the row. For the second attempt, she had to bring out just the finger she wants and match it with the paint color of her choice. This got pretty tricky when it was her ring finger’s turn. Her piano teacher has already mentioned to her that the ring finger and little finger need more work since they are not as strong as the rest of them. At the back of her mind, she has been working her ring finger to hit the piano keys hard enough. It was cool to hear that associate that in this project. She tried hard and succeeded in picking up the exact color he wanted using her pinky and ring fingers. As you can see this can be  a great fine motor activity for strengthening her finger muscles especially the last two.

art projects for kids using sponge fingers

The kids made beautiful patterns by moving her fingers across the paper (one more vigorously than the other) My older one took care to move it hard enough to make marks while gentle enough to create a pattern she had in mind. She made staright lines horizontally and vertically to create a fun effect.

art projects kids sponge painting

Here is her plaid design.

art projects using sponges

After the sponges from the fingers were removed, she used them to create a muddy rainbow here.

completed art project using sponge fingers

This activity was great for both my toddler and preschool age kids which always a big plus for me.

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  1. This is great! My boys are going to love it! They are 5 and 6 but I know they will love this! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is wonderful! I can’t believe I haven’t used sponges to make some sort of art with my son yet. He’s fascinated by them, and little kids have some weird fascination with putting things on each of their fingers. I think you’ve come up with the perfect little kid art project!


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