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ABCs of Math Activities : A-E

ABCs of Math Activities : A-E
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This post and the next few will have several hands on math activities you can do with your kids (toddler to kindergarten age)  Althought mostly preschool math will ve covered, with a few changes, you can use many of these activities for school age children as well. Please read the introductory post here for this ABC series of Math Activities.

A is for Art

Gotcha! You thought I’ll say “A is for addition”. Yes addition is great but if you spot math in fine art, you would be drawn in too. We have many addition activities covered through the series.

I remember as a kid when I asked “Why should I learn math?” the one answer I ALWAYS received was ” Math is everywhere”. Here we came up with a really fun way to explore art and math together.
Look! Look! Look! is an excellent art-appreciation book for budding  artists and art enthusiasts. 3 mice observe and analyze a post card painting of an art piece recognizing , colors, shapes, patterns and lines. Eventually they make their own art using their patterns. Drawing inspiration from the book, we observed a renaissance art work by Leonardo Da Vinci and identified shapes, patterns and lines. Go and check out the book: great for fine art enthusiasts.

             math in art      math in art

 We chose Lady with an ermine image and started identifying patters and shapes.

Big A and I outlined the shapes we could spot on the image and cut out those shapes from colored sheets.

After we cut out the same outlined shapes from the art work, we used the picture as a reference and pieced the cut-outs together to form our picture.

This math activity is very similar to having the child point out different shapes in a room. With a piece of art, there is focus and made it fun and exciting for my pre schooler to spot shapes. It took a form of its own and turned into a game.

math in artwork

B is for Books

At a young age, picture books are a great way to introduce mathematical concepts to the kids. The kids were introduced to addition, counting, geometry etc only through picture books. I have personally seen that kids learn better and faster when you are simply having a casual conversation about the concept. My preschooler is very verbal and this kind of “talk about it while reading a book” approach has worked very well with her while introducing new concepts. Below I have a list of books which explores many mathematical concepts.


One More Bunny                                     Pete the Cat- 4 Groovy buttons                       The Doorbell Rang                                   365 Penguins

  • Number Bonds                                           Subtraction                                                     Multiplication                                          Division
  • Addition                                                     Backwards counting                                                                                                    Fractions
  • Number recognition                                  Number Recognition


The Hungry Caterpillar                                    Look!Look!Look!                                     Chicka 123                           The First day of Winter

  • Counting                                                       Shapes and patterns                        Number Recognition              Ordinal  Numbers

 C is for Counting

Counting is one of the first exposure to math for kids. There are numerous hands on ways to make counting with kids interesting for them.

We have done a few math counting activities in the past. We used balloons and “static” to practice counting.

math and science activity for young kids

We used glass gems and apples to practice some one-to-one correspondence and extended to practice addition.

preschooler addition

For additional inspiration we have more counting activities from your favorite bloggers. All these bloggers have used every day materials to create an exciting counting activity for their kids

          1                                 2                            3                                  4


          5                                 6                           7                                   8



1 . Good Long road used coins and glass jars to teach counting and cleverly   extending the activity to teach her son about money.

2. Connecting Family and Seoul used beans, cups and a good book to create a sensory bin for practicing counting.

3.  Teach Preschool used adorable bug cards printable and fun creepy crawlies to entice kids to have fun with counting.

4. This ingenious idea from In Lieu of preschool is a must-do for all kids. Use cups to explore numbers and couple of more ideas.

5. Learn with play at home used bears, pom poms and home-made number cards to explore numbers and much more.

6. Hands on as we grow used dice and blocks to understand one-to-one correspondence and made counting fun for her son.

7. This uber-clever and cute idea comes from Mama Pea Pod. She used felt food to go with The Hungry Caterpillar Book to make counting interesting.

8. Love Play and learn turned counting into a super sweet exercise with this activity.


 D is for Dominoes

For some quick hands on math games, dominoes never fail us. With an in-build counting activity, it is very simple to expand, extend and turn a game of dominoes into a hands on math activity for the kids.


dominoes math


  • Simply use them for counting the number of dots : Great for toddlers.
  • Once counting is done, use a number card and create a one-to-one correspondence activity.

 Math Operations

  • Use them for addition/subtraction. Use a printable like this and add/subtract the dots


  •  By using this printable,kids can match the figure on the worksheet with a domino and place them on top and continue the math operation.
  • Also, matching similar looking tiles while counting the dots is also good practice.

 Combine matching and addition

  • Create a parking lot where the dominoes can “park themselves”. Kids can find the dominoes that match with the numbers on the parking spots. This combines addition again with matching


  • Use the tiles to create geometric shapes


  • Identifying the dot patterns and guessing the number of dots without counting ( for older kids) Younger ones would benefit from counting practice.

E is for Egg Carton Math

egg carton math

Egg cartons are so versatile. They lend themselves for art projects, crafts, experiments, fine motor play and even for math activities. You just get creative with the cartons and can make up your game or activity to create a math game for your kids.

We used egg cartons to create a memory and addition game. Check out letter G for that one.

Generally egg carton games are very easy to make. Write numbers in each egg slot and place a pom pom or  a tiny soft ball inside the carton and start shaking. Pom pom lands inside a number. From that point on the game can take many directions based on the age of the child

  1. Simply match that number in a numbers sheet
  2. Trace that number
  3. Match that number to dots or any other manipulative
  4. Shake up twice and perform math operations : addition, subtraction

and many more.

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]In the mean time if you need inspiration check out these amazing egg carton math ideas from around the internet.[/highlight]


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