Sensory Activities for Kids : Edible Slime Dinosaur World

Sensory Activities for Kids : Edible Slime Dinosaur World
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Sensory Activities for Kids : Edible Slime Dinosaur World

Sensory activities for kids are always a big hit in our house and our recent 1 ingredient edible slime activity has become a much sought after activity. We have multitudes of ways to play with the edible slime and today we share one such sensory activity all created by our 5 year old. Presenting kid-created slimy dinosaur small world and warrior fairies world(!!!) { Our earlier Goopy Dinosaur World here}

Before we continue with today’s dinosaur small world post, click on this image to get the 1 ingredient edible slime recipe.


The resulting slime was such a great material to practice cutting. Since the edible slime was so smooth, both the kids did not have any trouble cutting them. They kind of went overboard and chopped them up real nice.


Before I could ask any questions, Miss 5 quipped with a “Mom, I’m not destroying. I’m building a Dinosaur World.”


And so they did.


The city was planned with bright orange roads, tunnels and paths for the residents.


All the resident dinosaurs were decked with beautiful rainbow slime.


Some unlucky ones were stuck in colorful swamp.


4 dinosaurs all stuck in rainbow muck now. During sensory activities like this, so much story-telling happens. The child develops her already exploding vocabulary exponentially by engaging in creative play.


The dinosaur story like took another turn when warrior fairies came to save the dinosaurs. { An example of creative problem solving : the dinosaurs were stuck so another character fairies, who are traditionally thought of magical and nothing more are brought in. But Miss 5 attached another word “warrior” to the word fairies to ensure they are the appropriate characters to save the dinosaurs. Some children will probably use magic to save the dinosaurs ( Hint, Miss 3) Simple play like these are great ways to encourage vocabulary, problem solving skills, critical thinking, fine motor skills etc.


The warrior fairy saving the dinosaur.


Ok, before I started blogging whenever I looked at pictures of small world play posts by bloggers, I would love the pictures but would feel intimidated by the assumed complexity of the “set-up”.  This was partially because of all the close-up images which give a lot of details making the readers (busy moms) think this sensory activity is a time consuming process. So to ease your mind,  here is the reality shot, an aerial view which shows how easy this “set-up” actually is.


Make edible slime, throw it in a container, add favorite toys and BOOM! you are done and ready to PLAY.

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